About us

For 30 years, Wall, Einhorn, & Chernitzer has approached accounting from a distinct vantage point. The Virginia accounting firm is dedicated not only to its craft, but also to its people - clients and employees alike.

The Virginia CPA and advisory firm operates under the belief that the most successful relationships are those built with confidence, cultivated by collaboration, and sustained through commitment.

These values are essential to the firm's ability to provide fully-informed, holistic, and comprehensive financial advice to achieve clients' long term goals. Ultimately, strong relationships are the cornerstone of the Wall, Einhorn, & Chernitzer culture.



The core of our company values is genuine enthusiasm for the work we do as well as an appreciation for the solid relationships we forge. Our refreshing company culture makes us unique, but it is our relationships - informed by our values - that continue to separate us from other regional and national CPA firms. 

Relationships Built On


You deserve complete confidence not only in your financial plans, but also in your advisor who executes them. It’s our business to be forward-thinking on your behalf, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. Our clients can be confident that our advisors will approach their needs holistically, considering multiple perspectives to set the best possible goals. You can be confident as well that our professional team will protect all sensitive information while leveraging our national and international resources to provide you the best possible solutions. We take pride in earning your confidence.



We have no corner offices at WEC, opting instead for collaborative spaces to encourage teamwork. The benefit is twofold: our team is constantly learning from one another, and our clients reap the rewards of the firm’s wealth of knowledge. Similarly, we encourage collaboration between advisors and clients. Our team members hold the philosophy that teamwork is essential to the caliber of service we deliver. The best professional relationships recognize and draw from both parties’ strengths to innovate. 



 WEC is committed to our clients and connected to their histories, current needs, goals, and future plans. This commitment allows us to provide you with comprehensive, long-term advice based on an all-encompassing understanding of your ideal financial trajectory. From the beginning, all of us work diligently to remain well-versed in our specialties and up to date with industry changes. Put simply, we’re committed to our craft for your benefit.

Serving the Community

Since its inception, Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer has been profoundly community-centered, prioritizing the support of local philanthropic and charitable organizations through volunteerism, event sponsorships, and other contributions. Whether our team is giving their time to sort incoming items in a local thrift store as a part of our summer internship program, hosting an internal bake sale for charity, or donating to our annual firm wide United Way campaign, we are continually invested in nurturing the Hampton Roads community and beyond.