Defined by development and change

Owning a technology company has never been an easy task; the nature of the market demands constant advancement. Properly accounting for advances in owners' wealth due to company valuation changes can be almost as complex. For example, accurately tracking layered capital account balances for owners, whether employees or investors, is very difficult and, if done incorrectly, can create significant financial liability. You need an accounting firm with the prowess that only comes from long-term experience and expertise in the technology industry.

helping you structure the future of your business

You know the technology industry, but you may not know the ins and outs of business quite as well.  That is where the accounting experts at WEC come in. As you react quickly to opportunities for growth, we will continue to address topics relating to the structure of your business: 

  • Accurately tracking the varying economics of different classes of ownership
  • Developing incentive plans for key employees
  • Receiving investment capital in the most tax-efficient and undiluted form
  • Formulating compensation plans to attract top executive talent
  • Maximizing federal and state research and development tax credits
  • Structuring buy/sell agreements for employees
  • Understanding the issue of "control" and how to minimize risk
  • Meeting requirements for set-aside programs