Attentive tax planning and accurate tax preparation are necessities for both businesses and individuals. Consulting a CPA who knows you and your business — and has experience with situations similar to yours — can make a substantial difference. As your portfolio or business develops, your needs may outgrow your current tax service provider, who may lack the sophistication or resources necessary for your specific circumstances. We invest in long-term relationships with our clients, helping them plan proactively, rather than merely helping them report historical results.

How We Can Help

Business Tax Strategy

Your taxes are directly impacted by transactions including real estate, joint ventures, and mergers & acquisitions (M&A), as well as the related “choice-of-entity” decisions. Proper structuring of those arrangements should involve thoughtful consideration of business goals and tax efficiency. Accountants who know you and understand your business can provide input to help you make better decisions today that could result in long-term tax savings.

Individual Tax

If the complexity of your taxes makes self-preparation too stressful, or you are dissatisfied with the experience or results obtained from working with your current accounting firm, it may be time to engage WEC. Our firm takes a highly personalized tax service approach because we know how important it is to understand the full picture of your finances when providing valuable tax planning and tax preparation services.

Fiduciary Tax

As a trustee, executor, or someone advising on marital, irrevocable, or estate trust matters, the tax laws and family dynamics impacting accounting and the distribution of assets can be overwhelming. Having a knowledgeable accountant by your side to assist in navigating the complicated world of taxes and family dynamics can make fiduciary tax matters much less stressful.

Federal, State, and Local Tax

Having business operations in multiple locations increases the complexity of sales and use, income, property, and franchise taxes. Tax compliance alone can be time consuming, and proactive, comprehensive tax planning can be downright overwhelming. Minimize your tax liability and tax-related stress by engaging our team of tax professionals with industry experience and technical expertise with multi-state, county, and city tax matters.

International Tax

If your business has activities both inside and outside the United States, the international tax accountants at WEC in partnering with their international tax resources can guide you through the complexities and opportunities of operating in multiple jurisdictions. Whether your company sells goods in one country that are manufactured, produced, or extracted in another; provides services overseas; or is a U.S. subsidiary of a foreign-owned company, our specialized expertise in international tax matters can be advantageous for your business.