A Tribute to Marty Einhorn

WEC Family,

We intentionally choose the word family because each of you reading this message is just that to us: part of our family.  You have all been a part of our Firm’s journey, our successes, and our challenges, as well as our personal journeys and lives through the years.   Many of you already know this but Martin A Einhorn, one of our founders, passed away on February 18, 2021.  He was only 63 years young.  

Marty was a loving husband to Susan, a proud father to Willie and Jay and an adoring grandfather to Charlotte. He was also an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and indisputably the biggest UVA basketball fan.  A personal side that we saw as his employees and colleagues was that of a teacher, a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader of successes, both professional and personal, a mentor, and a great believer in and champion of us all. 

As the firm grew, Marty always said we were a family, and he successfully maintained that spirit of unity with both current and former employees.  Marty took great joy in the growth of the WEC family, whether those were new employees or births in our families, which he would proudly announce as if they were his own.

For many of us, Marty’s face was the first we saw before being hired, introducing us to the firm and always far more interested in who we were as individuals than who we were as accountants.  We believe that was one of Marty’s greatest strengths in business and in life was his care for people; ironically more so than his detail over numbers.  The true power of that message is he leaves WEC with a family of like-minded individuals united in purpose and woven together by threads of compassion and love.  

Marty’s passion for unity and compassion also deeply impacted the community. He was a leader of leaders for organizations large and small, and he set the expectation that WEC will serve our community with our time, talent and treasure. If each of us could be just a little more like Marty, then our community and the world would be a better place. 

We are closing the firm on Monday, February 22, 2021 to allow our family to mourn and hold their loved ones just a little tighter. We honor his memory, we mourn his loss and we celebrate his legacy.

Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer