"Doctor, Doctor - Give Me The News..." - Is the Medical Profession More Prone to Litigating Divorces Than Other Professions?

Please file the following under the "I'm just sayin'..." category - far be it from me to draw any conclusions!


Business Valuation Resources is a respected provider of valuation related data and information. One of their offerings, BVLaw is a searchable collection of more than 3,000 cases and case abstracts concerning business valuation issues. They also produce a weekly newsletter, BVWire in which they recently reported the following.  A search of the BVLaw database for cases related to marital dissolution resulted in 1,240 cases. Analyzing these cases by professions produced the following breakdown:


Clearly it's not appropriate to draw a meaningful statistical conclusion from this non-representative sample - but it may provide interesting material for a conversation over the water cooler if nothing else!