WEC Wednesday's Beyond the Desk with Dasha Payne


It’s the first WEC Wednesday of the new year and we are excited to go beyond the desk of our highly talented and all-around great person to be around tax manager, Dasha Payne, CPA.  

Dasha, a graduate of Old Dominion University here in Norfolk, Virginia, joined the firm in 2018 with seven years of tax compliance and consulting experience in the manufacturing, hospitality, and not-for-profit industries. She now prepares individual returns for the owners and executives of those closely-held businesses while specializing in multi-state taxation. She also admirably enjoys helping nonprofits use their Form 990 to present themselves and their mission in the best possible light to attract potential donors.

Aside from her work here at WEC, we would like to get to know Dasha a little better beyond her desk with some fun facts that probably don’t come up in the everyday conversations around the conference room table.  

WEC Wednesdayers:

 “Dasha, what are some fun facts about yourself that people might not already know?”

"I grew up in a small town in Siberia. I know you are immediately thinking of bears walking down the streets, snow everywhere, and wooden houses. 50% correct, I’d say.
When I came to the US I only had a bag with some summer clothes in it and $500.
I am a licensed scuba diver.
I jumped out of an airplane (on purpose).
In high school, I took a few years of German and Spanish and could read and write, but never used them since, unfortunately. Maybe when my kids take Spanish in school, I can refresh my memory.
I graduated from a music school when I was 13 and can play the piano.
I love traveling and cannot wait for the pandemic to be over so I can go on new adventures with my family. 
“Wow, Dasha, thank you for sharing! And we definitely imagined bears roaming a frozen tundra right away. :) We’re so happy to have you with us.”

Stay tuned for next WEC Wednesday’s Beyond the Desk...who could it be?