WEC Wednesday's Beyond the Desk with Eileen Gwaltney

WEC Wednesday’s Beyond the Desk with Eileen Gwaltney

Keeping the series going to get to know our employees a little beyond their desks with some interesting facts people might not know about them, we have WEC Director of Government Contracting Services, Eileen Gwaltney. 

An Old Dominion University alum, Eileen joined the firm in 2004 and has more than 17 years’ experience in the accounting field, with specialization in financial analysis and reporting. She serves clients in the fields of government contracting, not-for-profit organizations, and construction and she also has experience providing litigation support as an expert witness on contracting and accounting matters. 

But in other news...

WW: “Eileen, what are some things about yourself that a lot of people might not already know?”


I am a huge college football fan and will search out games during vacation to visit different schools.

I love hunting for treasurers on the beach and plan vacations specifically for shelling opportunities.

My family is everything to me.

My tribe knows me as Bean which is a nickname from when my baby twin brothers couldn’t say my name so they called me Bean. I don’t think my nieces know my legal name is Eileen. 😊

I joined WEC after working in private industry for 5 years which most say is a backwards path. Nancy Hall trained me step by step on my very first engagement and kept us all energized during tax season with bags of candy. 


Stay tuned for next WEC Wednesday’s Beyond the Desk … who knows who could be next?