This week, WEC Wednesday's Beyond the Desk series features Senior A&A Manager, John Waters! To get to know John a little better beyond his desk here at WEC, we asked him to share a few fun facts about himself.

John was recently named in the "Top 5 Under 35" by the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants, among other awards, and is incredibly valued for his work here at WEC.  A graduate of Old Dominion University, John joined the firm in 2009 and he specializes in attestation and compliance audit engagements with a concentrated focus on not-for-profit organizations and real estate projects.  

We would like to know a little more about John that we might not already know.  


 “So John, what are some fun facts about yourself?”


"• I have a corgi named Rocky. He is my receptionist when working from home (woof)!
• I joined WEC as an intern in 2009 and have worked my way up to Senior Manager.
• I enjoy learning new technology and software, including training team members on how to use it.
• I am on the VSCPA Educational Foundation Board.
• I like to travel, some of the places I have visited recently (pre-covid) include NYC, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Seattle."

"That's wonderful, John, thank you for letting us get to know you better!"

Stay tuned for next WEC Wednesday’s Beyond the Desk...who could it be?