This week, WEC Wednesday's Beyond the Desk series stars our Advisory Services Manager, Karl Belka! In order to get to know Karl a little better beyond his desk here at WEC, we thought we'd ask him to share a few fun facts about himself with us. 

We already know and appreciate Karl for his valued work here at the firm, serving our clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing and technology, focusing his practice on the government contracting industry. A graduate of James Madison University, Karl joined WEC in 2019 with more than 12 years of experience and has since used his holistic approach to client service to focus equally on compliance and consulting in order to help his clients achieve their goals. 

But we'd love to know a little more about Karl beyond his desk. 


 “Tell us, Karl, what are some fun facts about you that we might not already know?”


"1) My sister and I have the same birthday, but we aren’t twins (6 years apart!)
2) I recently got engaged to my girlfriend Amanda.
3) I’m an avid snowboarder who usually travels out west once a year searching for powder.
4) I’m originally from New Jersey but grew up in Virginia Beach.
5) While I really enjoy the beach and surfing, I’m definitely more of a mountain person. To be closer to the mountains, I just purchased a cabin in West Virginia, where we will spend weekends hiking and enjoying views of the Blue Ridge Mountains."


"Wow, Karl, that's awesome! Thank you for letting us in on the true you!"

Stay tuned for next WEC Wednesday’s Beyond the Desk with Senior A&A Manager, John Waters.