WEC Wednesday's Beyond The Desk With Kristen Whitlow"

As we get into the busyness of spring tax season, we’ll be taking a break from WEC Wednesday. However, we are going out with a bang as we go beyond the desk with Kristen Whitlow! Kristen is a graduate of Virginia Tech (undergraduate) with a Masters in Accounting from William & Mary. She joined the firm in 2019 with more than five years’ experience providing tax compliance and consulting services for individuals and their closely-held businesses with a specialized focus on high net worth individuals, trusts, and estates.

WEC Wednesday:

“So, Kristen, what are some facts about you that you’d like to share with your WEC Fam?”

“Just when you thought I couldn’t get any more fun! Here’s a few more fun things about me…

  • My husband, Nathan, and I are both from Roanoke, Virginia. I went to Virginia Tech (undergraduate) and William & Mary for Masters in Accounting. Nathan went to Old Dominion and accepted a job in Hampton Roads after college, which is how we ended up in the area.
  • We will have been married for 9 years (in July) and have 2 dogs. Dixie (pictured) is a border collie/flat coat retriever mix and will be 6 in April. Kali is a border collie/husky mix and is 7 months old.
  • My favorite vacation is Disney World in Florida. During the summer, we also spend some time on Smith Mountain Lake. I love to wakeboard/wakesurf behind our lake neighbor’s boat.
  • I collect Alpaca bears (or any stuffed animal made with alpaca fur!). One year, the weekend after tax season, I had an idea to visit an Alpaca farm. As luck would have it, the weekend I was planning to visit was actually Alpaca shearing day. I volunteered Nathan and my mom to come with me to help shear approximately 70 alpacas that Saturday! We were part of a small group of volunteers and had a great time! I loved being around the animals and the “farm experience” for a day. The alpacas were happy to get rid of their winter coat!"

Well, there ya have it, folks… alpacas and accounting.