WEC Wednesday's Beyond the Desk with Ryon Clifton


Next up in our new series aimed at getting to know our employees a little beyond their desks with some fun facts you might not know or expect, we have WEC A&A Senior, Ryon Clifton. 


WW: “So Ryon, what can you tell us about yourself that most people here might not know about you?”


"I was an education major before I switched to accounting.

I’m an avid ping pong player, having contributed to the ping pong league trophy we have sitting in our break room.

I worked on the spirit of Norfolk as a singing waiter prior to WEC.

I’m a big fan of volleyball, having played since I was a teenager. I continue to participate in an adult league.

I’ve hiked a majority of the Golden Circle in Iceland." 

Betcha didn't know all of that! 

Stay tuned for next WEC Wednesday’s Beyond the Desk with Advisory Services Manager, Karl Belka.